Stay inexperienced

There is value in being inexperienced.

What makes the experienced so inherently great are their historical achievements. However, they are more susceptible to shaping the problem to a solution from past paradigms. They are met with more preconceptions of what the solution should be, leaving less room for perhaps better alternatives.

For the inexperienced, they require first principles in order to shape and hypothesize the solution. That is sufficient. And that is difficult, regardless of experience.

Naturally, when you haven’t done something before, especially when that something has never been done before, you are starting from scratch. It feels foreign and your movements are awkward. You feel like an imposter.

You are an imposter; you don’t know what you’re doing. But it’s the feeling you should get when doing something incredibly liberating and impossibly important. So keep doing it. Stay curious, stay learning, stay inexperienced.

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