Reverse networking

One of the most compelling reasons why I started this blog was to figure out what the next step in my career was going to be. However, old habits die hard. After quitting my job, I immediately jumped into applying to jobs and talking to companies without a second thought. I hardly took a moment to breathe; I made the decision to jump ship and just started swimming as fast as I could to the closest shore. Before I knew it, I was neck deep in interviews that I wasn’t mentally prepared to have. Only now am I taking a float in the water and appreciating the sky before me.

Only then did I start to imagine a world where I wouldn’t have to go out sales pitching my skills to a company, looking for a hire. Instead of me being the supply and the company with the demands, what if I treated my experience and strengths as the demand and jobs as the supply of growth opportunities for me? Perhaps this is the kind of leverage this blog will provide me.

Think about how many more choices you have in this reverse perspective.

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