Paper balls

You know, the moment when you decide your idea isn’t coming through, you crumple up the paper and take a shot at the overflowing pile of older paper balls that it can’t even make it into the trash? That is real life.

I’m starting to realize I’m leaving a lot of notes half finished and it’s creating a real bottleneck in my thought process where closure is nowhere to be found. They float around in my head, left unfinished in my second brain, rotting a putrid smell like the dumpster right outside my window on a sunny day.

These little notes have been working for me to spark ideas for essays and trying my hand at writing about them as a test to see how much I have to say about the topic, how much I’m excited in the idea, how much I don’t know about the idea. Do I have long term investment in answering this question? I’m constantly trying to flush things out.

Knowing my varied interests, it’s a way to size up my common stomping grounds from which can grow my personal monopoly.

But man, when I realize I don’t know what to think about it, it’s left undone.

And these frequent occurrences pile up to undo me in return.

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  1. I can totally relate on exploring ideas only to crumple them into paper balls. Great observation here. Thanks for sharing!


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