Second brain iterations

Although I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos on how people are building a second brain, I’ve soon come to realize most of their systems don’t fit me.

To make the most of the bare backbones of the architecture, I need to dive in and try iterations of how to organize my second brain in order to reflect how my brain makes associations and builds ideas.

I reorganized and redid my Notion setup five times… and counting. It’s a nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right. I’ve determined that while managing my second brain should feel natural, there’s an element of foreign feeling that is natural as well. I’ve never built a second brain before so it should be a muscle memory that strengthens over time with practice.

And most importantly, I’ve realized that over-optimizing for productivity isn’t great either. Spending more time on trying to perfect every little kink in the system rather than simply inserting valuable notes and putting together my evidence and thoughts for essays would completely ruin the point of having a second brain.

Effort needs to consciously be put into doing the work, not create more work for myself.

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