Journal about your interests

My many attempts at journaling always ended in failure. I watched too many videos on bullet journaling, traveling journaling, gratitude journaling, and the like. I would get very excited by another idea and buy a new journal, convinced I would see it through everyday… only to be disappointed when it didn’t align with how my brain worked.

Decorating my journal came at a design cost for me- I worried more about how the journal looked and presented rather than the content itself. Listing things I was thankful at the beginning of each day was difficult because I ended up just defaulting to the usual “sunshine”, “a partner who loves me”, and my dog. Journaling about the day’s events didn’t work because I often needed more than a day to process what happened and connect the dots. I often found myself tracking things everyday that weren’t that important to me. I realized that I needed to explore the random things I thought about each day to engage in what I like to do- making creative thoughts and technological connections. The issue was that I was misled by what I thought I should journal about.

I don’t keep track of what I do everyday as a historical record. What’s more important is what’s on my mind everyday and how often my actions align with what I think about. I’m more interested in recording and understanding the conversations or interactions I have with other people. What new insights do I have on my career goals? What personal thoughts do I have on the newsletter topics I get in the morning? How do I set up my mindset and structure my days to do the most important thing I want to do for the day? And how can journaling help me improve each day?

Thus, the mediums and topics for my journal came naturally to benefit my interests in textiles, creative process, career change, digital presence, and pretty much anything else I like to think or learn about. Writing about it all helps the development of my ideas move forward. I recognize when I don’t write about it, I haven’t given much thought to it.

No one else is going to cater to your interests but yourself.

So here I am, sitting on the toilet at 5am at a hotel in San Francisco, furiously drafting this note into Notion while my partner sleeps in the other room.

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  1. Oh yeah, I sometimes get needlessly enthusiastic about certain things I think I’ll do, only to realise that my style is totally different, and that’s okay too, because that’s how we learn, right? Btw, I use Notion too and it’s AMAHZING.

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