Create space for yourself where you are free to fail. That is space for immense growth. If you allow failure to be an option, you are more likely to take bigger creative risks.

But know that the space still has boundaries. You should not cross those boundaries where you set them.

But the issue is how people determine where they should lay the boundaries. Some people will make the boundaries tight where there is no room for a deep breath and simply for automation. Others were make it boundless where chaos overwhelms and even creativity cannot take control.

Lucky for us, these types of decisions can be changed. We can always go back and reassess those environmental boundaries and choose to allow what we let in to affect us and what we do not want near. This can be applied to friends, social media, the news, parties, topic of focus, etc. And it can be changed based on our needs.

This will allow you to dig deep, burrow in, and get stuck.

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