This little thing

I walked into the bathroom this morning, saw the empty toilet paper roll, and felt the beginning flutter of anger. Why couldn’t he just replace the empty toilet paper roll after he used it all up?

I started to map out the talk I was going to have with my partner. I wanted to be primed with the words to show how I annoyed I was, how angry I was about this little thing!

This little thing… I stopped myself. Why was I so fed up over this little thing?

Such a minor thing… why let it take control of my mood and ruin my morning?

Sure, it’s the little things that matter. But some little things don’t need to matter.

You only need to hold onto the little things that make a big difference.


  1. The Cat's Write says:

    This happens to me all the time! Thank you for reminding me to not to let some of those tiny things absolutely ruin my day – and my partners!

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  2. This is the exact way I feel about unwashed dishes, but just like you said, between the trigger and our reaction is the ability to choose what we want to do. And we have all the power, despite how it feels. Thanks for this reminder!

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